is the leader in the database market for the telecommunication industry. Its capability to support large scale databases comes along with its highly configurable database characteristic. The ability to install, configure, tune, upgrade and maintain such such database is both challenging and daunting. But with the right skill and knowhow, your database should run 24x7, 365 days a year with no downtime.

Our line of expertise in Oracle can assist you on installation, sizing estimation, upgrading, automating backup/recovery, restoration integrity, performance tuning such as table stripping, parallel query configuration, configure for advance replication and etc. our consultants is capable of undertaking complex programming tasks.

Oracle provides precompiler to enable your C/C++ programs to interact with Oracle databases. This product is best used for highly input/output intensive activities such as reading from or writting to large ASCII files, perform checking or validation and insert/update to Oracle tables. Pro*C/C++ has also been successfully used to produced ASCII reports on huge databases. Our professional engineers is able to produce quality Oracle Pro*C/C++ programs to perform all the above tasks, complete with diagnostic messages, processing timing information, summary processing information, error records and etc.

Telecommunication Industry

Massive loading of telco CDRs much faster with Oracle tools

Telcos are among one of the industry that processes large number of records. The requirement for speed processing is paramount to quickly generate invoices, avoid billing backlogs and sometimes to chase up with billing cycles delays.

In data warehousing, Oracle tools are the best tools to peform fast processing on records and CDRs. For loading of records with minimum business logic, SQL*Loader direct load prove to be the fastest loading path, while those with heavy business logic Oracle Pro*C/C++ (with parallel and multi-threading) is the best choice.