Kenan Authorization & Charging Manager

Kenan ACM provides real-time billing authentication, authorization and accounting into your existing Kenan FX billing system. It's a prepaid platform that uses existing capability of Kenan rating functionality and capability. The system can work with advanced mobile and IP networks for prepaid billing.

Kenan Event Time Unit Credit

With Kenan Event Time Unit Credit features, customers's with entitle unit credit can be calculated and its balance is known as soon as its usage is rated. This is ideal for products that provide fix recurring charges for a specific unit of usage. The customer will be able to check its remaining usage as soon as they're available. Such feature is being use typically for ISP such as Internet ADSL products.

Kenan is one of the leader in the telecommunication billing industry. Its capability to scale, to support convergence billing and its flexible rating comes comes along with complexity and intrinsic characteristic. The ability to configure, tune, upgrade and maintain such such billing system is both challenging and daunting. The telecommuncation business should and must be able to respond to market challenges without being impede by its billing system.

Kenan is an out of the box billing system contain various configurable options in each of the billing module. Being a business application and a product that has evolve over the decade, many business decision build into Kenan is not documented or made known to the users or to Kenan distributor themselves. Many of such queries can only be known through testing those scenarios, building prototype and ascertain them from the results. Since such activities requires considerable amount of resources and time to carry out, your business can chose to outsource them, and with our expertise in hand will be able to deliver and provide the answers to them rapidly and professionally.

We're able to train, impart and transfer Kenan know how to your billing team on launching of new products, usage configurations, mediation of existing or new network elements and etc. On the operational side, we can provide the best pratices for Kenan on patch application, archiving, backup/restore of the various Kenan databases (Catalogue, Administrator and Customers), online system performance, security and billing policies.